Friday, July 01, 2005

Lennon in school

Lennon in school
Lennon in school,
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Play time

Saturday, June 18, 2005

New blog address

I'm transferring my blog to my own server. My new address is

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New phone

I received a new mobile phone from the office yesterday. It's a camera phone. I did nothing but play with it all day.

I took pictures of myself, my son, Max, and (can you believe it?) the view from our kitchen.

I even took a view of our mango tree but I think I accidentally deleted that one. It's not that I had nothing important to do today; it's just that I did not feel like like doing any of it.

Maybe tomorrow, I will be able to rouse my mind from the stupor it is in.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Unforgettable party

It was Dylan's birthday yesterday and he invited some friends over. His cousins also came. He told me he had a swell time. I could not say the same thing for myself.

I was so busy preparing for his party that I forgot to eat anything all day. In the morning, his dad and I had to get his cake from Goldilocks in SM because the bakeshop does not deliver anymore to its branch in Lapu-Lapu City. Plus, we did last minute purchases at the grocery. It was lunchtime when we got back from SM and we had to work double time to get everything ready by 2 p.m. My mother came to help.

Everything was going smoothly until my other son decided it was time he got some attention for himself, too. So he asked for water and when my mother gave him some, he bit down hard on the glass and took off a piece of it and he cut his tongue in the process.

I was outside and I heard my mother calling me from the kitchen and Lennon was crying so I was immediately worried. I rushed over and blood was coming out of my son's mouth and I screamed because I thought at first that he had swallowed the broken glass. There was a lot of confusion--I probably caused it--and I wanted to shake my son and slap and spank him for doing such a stupid thing but instead reassured and hugged him because he was very scared and he was sobbing. I suddenly felt the beginnings of a monstrous headache.

Naturally, we were not able to finish everything by 2 p.m. My mother forgot she was cooking something because of the furor over Lennon and so it did not turn out the way she wanted it to.

Fortunately, the guests only started arriving at past 4 p.m., which was good because we were already able to clean up after Lennon. The unfortunate thing is I had to do something so I had to leave them for an hour. By that time, my headache had gone from bad to worse and I remembered wishing that the day were over and done with. It all turned out okay later though.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Dylan's tales

Dylan is starting his own blog. Daddy created it for him. The blog will be the repository of my son's tales and experiences.

His dad and I will be transferring entries in his journal, a class requirement, to his blog "Aliens, tsinelasay, and other tales". I posted the first entry from a story he told me last month. I was able to record his tale in my notebook because it so happened that he told me this story while I was taking down notes from a book that I was reading for an online course.

Home at last

Came back yesterday from my Manila trip. I really want to write about my trip but I'm tired so that will have to wait another day.

My sons were so happy to see me. Lennon developed a slight fever at the mere thought of another separation. He fell asleep beside me when I took a nap shortly after I arrived. He held on to my shirt all day.

Dylan's first question when he arrived from school was if I was home already. He grumbled and protested when his dad told him that I had to stay a few days more in Manila.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lost in Manila

So obviously, I did not change my mind and am now here in Manila. I was last here 10 years ago and the changes to the metropolis since then seem overwhelming. I had quite forgotten how big this place is: wide roads, huge buildings, gargantuan malls.

It was a long ride from the airport to the Parc Chateau Condominium in Ortigas Center in Pasig City, where I'm staying, and I passed by Makati City on the way there. The financial district's skyscrapers dot the skyline and everything else seems small in comparison. The flowing stairway of water at the entrace to The Peninsula was eye-catching. So was everything else, I guess.

The taxi driver did not know where Parc Chateau is and so we spent a long time cruising around Ortigas Center to look for the place. We still did not find it. I called our correspondent in Manila for instructions and he told me it was at corner Sapphire and Onyx roads but the tax driver was unfamiliar with these streets. So what I did was just to look for the place on foot. Fortunately, I was only two blocks away from the condo and found it in no time.

The plane ride to Manila was uneventful but the view from up there was really something. I got a window seat and the two seats beside me were unoccupied. I looked down while the plane was climbing up and I saw rows of houses, road networks, mountain ranges, the south reclamation, the south coast road. I had never seen the south reclamation from up there before and it looked so perfect.

We climbed to a higher altitude and I saw clouds wheezed by, below me and above me.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Headed for the capital

I'm supposed to be in Manila later today. That is, if I don't change my mind. I just might decide to go home instead of boarding a plane at the airport.

The thing is, I have not prepared for my two-day sojourn in the capital. I have not packed any clothes or given any thought to where I'm supposed to go once I'm there. I guess I still have until 10 a.m. to resolve all this or it will be too late.

Earlier, I've thought of every excuse why I should not go. Classes have started and Dylan needs me to take care of things for him. Lennon won't be able to sleep at night without me. He'll wake up and cry if he sees that I'm not there. And many, many other reasons.

I regretted having said yes to my boss when she asked me to attend in her behalf a forum in Makati City. I'd rather be in Metro Cebu, where it is only 15 minutes away to any destination, than in smog-drenched Manila.

My husband assures me it will be Thursday before I know it and I'd be home. I guess that's true. So I'm wishing that it's Thursday now but because there is no way that will happen I guess I will have to get on that plane and get it over it.