Sunday, June 12, 2005

Unforgettable party

It was Dylan's birthday yesterday and he invited some friends over. His cousins also came. He told me he had a swell time. I could not say the same thing for myself.

I was so busy preparing for his party that I forgot to eat anything all day. In the morning, his dad and I had to get his cake from Goldilocks in SM because the bakeshop does not deliver anymore to its branch in Lapu-Lapu City. Plus, we did last minute purchases at the grocery. It was lunchtime when we got back from SM and we had to work double time to get everything ready by 2 p.m. My mother came to help.

Everything was going smoothly until my other son decided it was time he got some attention for himself, too. So he asked for water and when my mother gave him some, he bit down hard on the glass and took off a piece of it and he cut his tongue in the process.

I was outside and I heard my mother calling me from the kitchen and Lennon was crying so I was immediately worried. I rushed over and blood was coming out of my son's mouth and I screamed because I thought at first that he had swallowed the broken glass. There was a lot of confusion--I probably caused it--and I wanted to shake my son and slap and spank him for doing such a stupid thing but instead reassured and hugged him because he was very scared and he was sobbing. I suddenly felt the beginnings of a monstrous headache.

Naturally, we were not able to finish everything by 2 p.m. My mother forgot she was cooking something because of the furor over Lennon and so it did not turn out the way she wanted it to.

Fortunately, the guests only started arriving at past 4 p.m., which was good because we were already able to clean up after Lennon. The unfortunate thing is I had to do something so I had to leave them for an hour. By that time, my headache had gone from bad to worse and I remembered wishing that the day were over and done with. It all turned out okay later though.


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