Friday, June 03, 2005

Lennon's scribbles

Busy Lennon
Busy Lennon,
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I've decided to cut down on the number of hours that my sons are allowed to watch TV at home.

After that initial outburst of speech when he turned two, my son Lennon seems to be learning no new vocabulary whatsoever.

I blame the almost eight hours of TV that Dylan subjects him to everyday.

So I told my son Dylan that he should stop watching TV and instead teach his brother to talk.

Dylan, ever the dutiful son that he is, agreed so now he does not watch TV when Lennon is around.

What he does is play with his younger brother and although it is a little chaotic at the house with the two of them running around, I guess I'd prefer that to the couch potatoes that used to inhabit my living room.

When Dylan is out playing with his friends, my son Lennon scribbles on the notebook I bought him just recently.

He'd draw a big circle and calls it his "kuya" (big brother Dylan)and draw a small circle and points to it and say "baby".


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