Thursday, May 12, 2005

Public school griefs

Yesterday, my son Dylan's first grade teacher distributed school books, 15 in all, for the coming schoolyear. The pages of some had been torn out and there was one that was so damaged you would not recognize it as a book if not for it's cover. I guess that's the official welcome to life in a public school for my son.

I asked the teacher what we can do about the missing pages and she said we should just borrow from those lucky enough to have been given books with all their pages, photocopy the missing ones, and attach them to our books. The books look that way because they have been used by several generations of pupils.

I believe we're luckier than the others because my son's school, a special science school, gets the best that government and the private sector can give. I wonder how the rest of the public schools are doing? How bad can their books be, or if they have any at all?


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