Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wonder mommy

My two-year-old son Lennon believes I'm Wonder Woman. Really. That's what he says everytime he points to this character in his Justice League postcard. He'd usually ask us to name everyone else in the picture--Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Superman--but blurts out "Mama, Mama" whenever he comes upon Wonder Woman in the line-up.

It amused his dad the first time he did this. So he pointed to Wonder Woman and asked Lennon to name her again and again. Same answer. "Mommy," his dad tells me, "Lennon thinks you're Wonder Woman."

It's the strangest thing, but Lennon can't be swayed. We tried correcting him (even his brother Dylan joined in the efforts) by telling him it was not "Mama" but "Wonder Woman". But he'd laugh and insist "Mama".

So there. I'm really Wonder Woman to my son.


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