Friday, April 29, 2005

Beach lovers

My sons love the beach. They'd spend every day of their lives there if that were possible. Fortunately for us, we live near the sea. We don't go as often as we would have liked, though, as matters like work and studies keep us away. When we do go there, we make sure we enjoy every minute of our stay.

Dylan and Lennon like to wade waist-deep in the shallows. Lennon does not fear the water as his elder brother did when he was of the same age. Lennon could swallow seawater or some of it could get into his eyes but he does not let any of this deter him.
Sea frolic
Dylan is more at home in the sea now more than ever. If he gets tired of the sea, he'd sit in the sand and build sandcastles. Just last month, we went to a beach in Marigondon in Mactan.
Best of friends
Last November, we stayed overnight at the Plantation Bay resort, also in Mactan.
Enjoying the cool waters


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