Friday, April 29, 2005

Beach lovers

My sons love the beach. They'd spend every day of their lives there if that were possible. Fortunately for us, we live near the sea. We don't go as often as we would have liked, though, as matters like work and studies keep us away. When we do go there, we make sure we enjoy every minute of our stay.

Dylan and Lennon like to wade waist-deep in the shallows. Lennon does not fear the water as his elder brother did when he was of the same age. Lennon could swallow seawater or some of it could get into his eyes but he does not let any of this deter him.
Sea frolic
Dylan is more at home in the sea now more than ever. If he gets tired of the sea, he'd sit in the sand and build sandcastles. Just last month, we went to a beach in Marigondon in Mactan.
Best of friends
Last November, we stayed overnight at the Plantation Bay resort, also in Mactan.
Enjoying the cool waters

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wonder mommy

My two-year-old son Lennon believes I'm Wonder Woman. Really. That's what he says everytime he points to this character in his Justice League postcard. He'd usually ask us to name everyone else in the picture--Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Superman--but blurts out "Mama, Mama" whenever he comes upon Wonder Woman in the line-up.

It amused his dad the first time he did this. So he pointed to Wonder Woman and asked Lennon to name her again and again. Same answer. "Mommy," his dad tells me, "Lennon thinks you're Wonder Woman."

It's the strangest thing, but Lennon can't be swayed. We tried correcting him (even his brother Dylan joined in the efforts) by telling him it was not "Mama" but "Wonder Woman". But he'd laugh and insist "Mama".

So there. I'm really Wonder Woman to my son.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tooth pact

I told my son Dylan today that everytime one of his baby teeth comes out, he does not have to put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy. I told him I want to keep it as a memento and I will just pay for it at the price set by the footh fairy.

The tooth fairy (read: me) cannot put up with the charade anymore because she is: 1) forgetful 2) busy and 3) can't lie to her son with a straight face.

The tooth fairy also can't stand disappointing her son, who woke up today to find his tooth still under the pillow. The funny thing about this is, I already took care of that tooth but Dylan found it yesterday on top of the computer table where his dad left it and thought it was one of his two lower teeth that came out months ago. He lost one and was not able to offer it to the tooth fairy. Just imagine how happy he was when he found it.

All right. Enough. I can't take it anymore. I told him, "Never mind the tooth fairy, I want to keep all of your baby teeth." Fortunately, he believed me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Learning Filipino

Dylan is taking advance lessons in Filipino, designated the Philippine "national language" by the country's Constitution, during the summer break from April to May in preparation for first grade, which starts this June.

As Filipino is not offered in preparatory class, which he just graduated from, my son consequently learned English ahead of his national language. I suppose I should be thankful to cartoon network, too, for his mastery of this foreign tongue.

That Filipino is not popular or even used in areas outside of the Tagalog-speaking regions is no surprise. There have been sporadic debates about which of the country's many dialects should serve as the base for the national language and even accusations from the predominant Cebuano-speaking group that this Filipino was only Tagalog masquerading as the national language.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Dylan likes ice cream, hotdog, fried chicken, roasted pork, and even milk. Lennon likes his Spiderman shirts.

Dylan loves Hagar, books, computer games, cartoon network, Nickelodeon, Disney channel, his stuffed toys. Lennon loves his toy cars.

They both adore their dad and me.

Wanted: Tooth fairy

Another of Dylan's baby teeth came off three days ago and he was surprised when the tooth fairy did not come for it. I was so tired when I came home from work at 2 a.m. that I forgot to take it and replace it with money.

He was quick to report the matter to me when I woke up around midday and even suggested that it was I who had taken the other tooth from under his pillow a week or two ago. It took all of my willpower not to laugh. I told him the tooth fairy was probably busy and will come for his tooth later that night.

He told his daddy the tooth fairy was on the other side of the world and missed his tooth.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Next Linus Torvalds

Next Linus Torvalds
Next Linus Torvalds,
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Or someone else just as famous, if you consider Linux developer Linus Benedict Torvalds that. (He must be, though, because I got over 2 million results when I googled him.)

Or he could grow up to be average and ordinary. Nobody really knows for sure with this child.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lennon meets Mozilla

Lennon meets Mozilla
Lennon meets Mozilla,
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What's that square thing on the upper right portion of the computer monitor doing? Curious, Lennon goes near to investigate.

A browser icon is a strange thing to catch a child's interest but this one's no ordinary kid. He waits until he is over two years old to speak, and does so in sentences. He cries and laughs in the craziest circumstances and over the strangest things. He can be very kind one moment and so cruel the next. He can cling to you and just as suddenly ignore you.

Every day, he rewrites the growing child book.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Graduation blues

Graduation blues
Graduation blues,
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April 6, 2005 was a special day for my son Dylan. It was his graduation from Preparatory Class at the Science and Technology Education Center in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. The graduation rites were held at the Waterfront Hotel in Mactan.

He received three gold medals for being first in his class, a select group of achievers, and two awards: High in Naturalist Intelligence and High in Verbal/Linguistics Intelligence.

Boob tube moment

Enjoying Disney Channel

Happy child

A test update from a mobile phone

Upside down

Lennon gets another perspective of the world, in this picture taken using daddy's mobile phone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Beautiful boy

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Everytime I look at him, I remember John Lennon's song, "Beautiful Boy".

His face, how fast it changes with his moods. Brows so thick they almost meet in the middle. Deepset eyes, brooding and mysterious. You look into them and you drown in their depths. Nose that's just the right size in a roundish face. His mouth like a little angel's; he's almost impossible to resist when he wails "Mommy".

My other son. My beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy. My Lennon.

Minus a tooth

Missing a tooth
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Dylan's front tooth came out while he was brushing his teeth last week. Good thing that it was already summer and school was out. Or he would have flipped, for sure.

He placed his tooth under his pillow (for the tooth fairy) when he went to bed. I almost forgot to replace it with money and because I did not have any change I had to put in a twenty.

He reached under his pillow when he woke up and shouted "It worked, It worked".

As the sky is blue

This blog is blue because it's my six-year-old son Dylan's favorite color. I'm sure though he would have preferred a lighter blue, like the sky is blue.

The other day, he followed me to the kitchen and asked me in a voice so low it was almost a whisper, "Mom, where do babies come from?". The question really floored me, not because I was unprepared for it but because it was then I realized how fast he was growing up.

I just felt this pressing need to remember everything that he was and is so I will better understand what he will be.